In My Own Voice #30: BATH is a Four-Letter Word

The other day I overheard one of my bros talking with the female about a bath....for ME. Now bath is not a word that gets bandied around with my name attached. The few times the two were linked were memorable. Is it possible they have forgotten what happened when they tied my leash to the … Continue reading In My Own Voice #30: BATH is a Four-Letter Word

Thank You USPS

Dear USPS, I never thought I’d be writing you a thank you note. While I appreciate that your carriers deliver our mail, my gratitude for this service has been tempered by the extreme reaction of my dog to your visits. Whenever we see you--your personnel or trucks--my lovable guy becomes a raging animal(!), ready tear … Continue reading Thank You USPS

Oh A Traveling We Will Go

A fellow blogger described taking a trip with his reactive dog Angst Hase on Siggles on Board. At the end he asked for comments about trips others have taken with their dogs. It made me think … and remember. While Pettigrew loves the car, we don’t take him many places. In the beginning, he was … Continue reading Oh A Traveling We Will Go