Things (May) Happen for a Reason

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? Personally, I go back and forth.  Recently, what seemed to be a setback, proved to be a blessing in disguise. Due to covid-related supply chain issues, Pettigrew’s dog food is no longer available. With no expected return date. If you have been following this blog for … Continue reading Things (May) Happen for a Reason

The Nose Doesn’t Always Know

Much has been made about a dog’s powerful sense of smell. This unique skill qualifies them to find bombs, drugs, and lost or trapped people. I actually looked up how a search and rescue dog operates. Yep, it’s by scent. Alas, Pettigrew’s schnoz is lacking. Although he thoroughly enjoys sampling the olfactory delights on his … Continue reading The Nose Doesn’t Always Know

The Battle Lines Are Drawn

Do we allow data to inform our decisions or not? Pettigrew out on a walk. I had thought we were a data-driven family. As a scientist, researcher, and doctor, my husband has a healthy respect for data and its importance in developing a successful course of treatment. Or, so I thought. Apparently, his ability to … Continue reading The Battle Lines Are Drawn

“What could be more important than a little something to eat?” —Winnie the Pooh

“Now then, Piglet, let’s go home.”“But, Pooh,” cried Piglet, all excited “do you know the way?”“No,” said Pooh. “But there are twelve pots of honey in my cupboard and they’ve been calling to me for hours. I couldn’t hear them properly before, because Rabbit would talk, but if nobody says anything except those twelve pots, I think, Piglet, … Continue reading “What could be more important than a little something to eat?” —Winnie the Pooh

In My Own Voice #32: Tips for Training Your Human: The “2-P” Approach

Training your human can be a frustrating and discouraging endeavor, but, I assure you that you will have success if you follow my plan and never forget the two Ps: Perseverance and Patience. Whether you are teaching a new skill, or merely refreshing a skill that has been lost, it is best to start small, … Continue reading In My Own Voice #32: Tips for Training Your Human: The “2-P” Approach

In My Own Voice #25: Holding Out for the Good Stuff

As you know, I carefully monitor the deliveries to our home and, lately, we’ve been getting boxes and boxes of the good stuff. Can you believe, for countless years I accepted my fate and crunched my way through hard, dry pellets they called food! If I had known then what I know now, well, let … Continue reading In My Own Voice #25: Holding Out for the Good Stuff

In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

Everyone seems to be wandering around in la la land these days. Schedules out the window! Meals. Walks. There’s no rhyme or reason to when things will happen anymore! In truth, I am getting a bit concerned about my family. Last week there was that whole bit where they didn’t think I could make it … Continue reading In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

In My Own Voice #20: Older & Wiser

The Female has been going a bit nutso this past week. Every time I turn around she’s toting another load of grocery bags into the house. I’ve carefully examined all the purchases and am sorry to report that her selections leave something to be desired. Lots of cans. Nothing tasty. She’s also spending an inordinate … Continue reading In My Own Voice #20: Older & Wiser

In the Eye of the Beholder

Do dogs feel disgust? My friend thinks so. And I am hard-pressed to come up with an alternative explanation. Stella, a past guest blogger (In Her Own Voice: Stella Is this Week’s Guest Blogger), is an adorable golden retriever and Pettigrew’s best gal pal. However, she has an alarming habit of eating trash when we … Continue reading In the Eye of the Beholder

To the Manor Born

A red velvet-covered dog pillow onto which a tired body could sink, the feather stuffing settling to create a cozy nest. A hand, heavy with rings dangling over an armrest to lazily stroke a furry back. Stolen from under the cook’s nose, a bone with meat scraps clinging to its surface. Or, surreptitiously passed under … Continue reading To the Manor Born