Happy Adoption Day Pettigrew!

Pettigrew is a rescue dog. We don’t know his birthday; however, we do know and celebrate the day he joined our family. In the beginning, this was a gala event. The boys would spend days crafting unique gifts. What self-respecting dog wouldn’t be proud to sport a t-shirt with glitter wings? In addition there were … Continue reading Happy Adoption Day Pettigrew!

What is so special about long grass anyway?

Pettigrew has a thing for long grass. He enjoys munching on the bright green, tender shoots. In our backyard, he gravitates toward the edges, where the lawn mower doesn’t reach, and is content feasting on the blades left to grow luxuriantly there. This, of course, is perverse, because grass does not agree with his digestion. … Continue reading What is so special about long grass anyway?

A Much Loved Dog Has Many Names

What does it mean when your dog has more nicknames than your kids or husband? In our family, I am usually the giver of nicknames. They come from some hidden recess of my brain, like story voices used to materialize when I would read aloud to our kids every night. I didn’t consciously plan how … Continue reading A Much Loved Dog Has Many Names

Message Sent…Message Received

Due to weather delays, we arrived home from our vacation late Friday night/early Saturday morning feeling punchy and discombobulated. Driving from the airport our thoughts turned to the dog waiting at home. Would Pettigrew openly ignore us? Roll his eyes back to watch as we stumbled through the door? Lazily uncurl his body and deign … Continue reading Message Sent…Message Received

Food Glorious Food

How did I manage to get a rescue dog who’s a picky eater?! I would’ve thought the whole survival of the fittest thing would’ve ensured he had an iron stomach and an appetite for just about anything. Pettigrew is not the type of dog who inhales his food. Typically, we feed him in the morning. … Continue reading Food Glorious Food