Ahab Had the Whale

Ahab was obsessed with finding and killing Moby Dick. A whale. Leviathan of the sea. Photo credit: World Wildlife Fund I appear to be obsessed with a toilet. Somehow, it doesn’t have the same cache. One winter break when I was in college, I worked as a temporary secretary for an office at which just … Continue reading Ahab Had the Whale

In My Own Voice # 28: Stronger Together

Together. That seems to be the operational word these days. And, you know, it’s not all bad. I actually like my family. It gives me a lift to see them first thing in the morning.  Sometimes I greet them at the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes they come in before I’ve gotten off the sofa.  … Continue reading In My Own Voice # 28: Stronger Together

In My Own Voice #26: The Jig is Up

Wouldn’t you say you behave a bit differently depending on the situation and those present? Sometimes more relaxed, sometimes more formal? Well, I take different people out for a walk at different times of the day. They each have their own expectations. The oldest male has a route and he sticks to it no matter … Continue reading In My Own Voice #26: The Jig is Up

In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

Everyone seems to be wandering around in la la land these days. Schedules out the window! Meals. Walks. There’s no rhyme or reason to when things will happen anymore! In truth, I am getting a bit concerned about my family. Last week there was that whole bit where they didn’t think I could make it … Continue reading In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

In My Own Voice #22: Is This the New Normal?

So, what’s the deal? I ask you. My family is STILL around.  All THE TIME. No one seems to go anywhere. The house is full. People playing music, talking, eating, watching TV, exercising. What happened to my nice, restful existence? Truly, this used to be a quiet place. Relaxing. A space where a fellow could … Continue reading In My Own Voice #22: Is This the New Normal?

In My Own Voice #20: Older & Wiser

The Female has been going a bit nutso this past week. Every time I turn around she’s toting another load of grocery bags into the house. I’ve carefully examined all the purchases and am sorry to report that her selections leave something to be desired. Lots of cans. Nothing tasty. She’s also spending an inordinate … Continue reading In My Own Voice #20: Older & Wiser

Unconditional Love

My family gets the kookiest ideas about love. They have the audacity to question my love for them just because I bark and nudge when they neglect to open the backyard door so I can go outside for a spell; they are slow to take me for a walk; or they refuse to give me … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Greetings Earthlings

Given his druthers, Pettigrew greets all mammals he meets. For some, this is a warm welcome, for others (think mail carriers, cats, people on skateboards, the list is long) his greeting is decidedly unfriendly. And then there’s the group in between, the ones for whom he reserves judgment. There are days when I am happy … Continue reading Greetings Earthlings

The Art of Gifting

Does Pettigrew need a winter coat? Would he enjoy one? Growing up, I don’t recall ever seeing a dog with a coat. Now they are everywhere. It makes me self-conscious when we’re out for a walk. Am I adequately providing for his needs? Am I exposing myself as a neglectful caregiver? He is a short-haired … Continue reading The Art of Gifting