Baby It’s Cold Outside

With a bomb cyclone hurtling up the East Coast, we feel lucky: only light snow, but the temperatures have plummeted to record lows.

A few observations from the week:

  • Fast Walk. In frigid temperatures, Pettigrew picks up the pace. I’m getting a great cardio workout these days!
  • Backyard Won’t Do. In Pettigrew’s mind our backyard is part of the house. Ergo, no opening the door and letting him out to relieve himself. It’s a walk. Always a walk. And once we’re out, well, might as well mark all of his favorite places, even if we do jog between them.
  • Rock Salt Ouches. Despite a ban on homeowners using rock salt, our city spreads it liberally on the roadways and our alley. Rock salt and tender pooch paws are not a good combination. It’s a salt minefield.
  • Wet Hair and Icicles. If you wash your hair before you walk your dog, you will sport a headful of icicles. OK, truth. I learned this in high school when my friends and I put fashion before common sense and walked to school with wet hair and no hat. The lore was that if you snapped off one of the icicles clinking on your head, you’d break your hair. I never tested it.
  • Xmas Tree Detours. Pettigrew doesn’t differentiate between a tree with its roots in the ground, and a Christmas tree on the curb. Lots more trees to mark!


  • Flip Flops By the Door. My son wears flip flops when he walks Pettigrew. Last night he condescended to donning socks and real shoes. It must be cold!
  • waitingFood Glorious Food. Pettigrew’s motto: when it’s cold out, eat more. He’s doubled his food intake. How does he do this? By following me around and gazing soulfully whenever I pause. See how long you’d last resisting this treatment!
  • Steaming Mug. Following his lead, I’ve decided I need hot cocoa with marshmallows when I return from our walks.
  • Unwelcome Email. A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is in effect from 1/6/2018 6:00 PM to 1/7/2018 6:00 AM EST. High winds and below freezing temperatures are expected to drive windchill below -10F.  Dress in layers to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.  Bring pets and livestock indoors for their safety.
  • Way the Wind Blows. Sharing a quick word with a fellow bundled walker we agree, it’s only truly bad when the wind blows….which is just about always.

Hope you are staying warm!

4 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. A fun blog and a good PSA! In times like this, Pettigrew has such an advantage–he doesn’t have to hear the weather reports or anticipate the weather outside. But I like that he knows what to do when he finds out by stepping out the door.

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  2. Yes, he definitely enjoys asking us to open the door so he can stand in the doorway, half in the house and half out, with his nose outside, assessing what he wants to do. In this super cold weather he often decides he’s not interested in going out!


  3. I don’t remember freezing hair in high school, but I definitely remember it in college. I can’t believe he doesn’t differentiate between live trees and Christmas trees put out for pickup!


  4. Thanks for being such a loyal reader and commenter! I can’t believe you don’t remember freezing hair in high school. I was sure that line in particular would be a trip down memory lane for you too. Yep, I was surprised that he felt the need to mark all of those trees that had suddenly appeared on his turf. After all, it was cold. I wanted us to keep moving!


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