Lemons or Is It Lemonade?

Pettigrew’s stomach is upset again. I made a ton of chicken and white rice and opened a can of pumpkin on the theory that with so much food at the ready, certainly his stomach would right itself quickly and I would’ve made too much. Like carrying your umbrella to prevent it from raining. It hasn’t … Continue reading Lemons or Is It Lemonade?

Welcome! to Our Home

Stores aren't the only place to have greeters, a person who stands at the entrance and says “hi!” in a chipper voice if you put a toe over the threshold. Our home has a greeter too: Pettigrew appointed himself to this role. He’s the first to respond when the doorbell chimes. Once the door is … Continue reading Welcome! to Our Home

He’s Got Your Number…Mine Too

When my younger son was a toddler, his idea of nirvana was to camp out at a construction site. To make the time rewarding for me, I studied the workers, making guesses about who was in charge, who was a skilled member of the team, and who was a day laborer, hired to supplement the … Continue reading He’s Got Your Number…Mine Too