Above My (and His) Pay Grade

Earlier this week I finally bit the bullet and called a plumber. We had a slow leak under our kitchen sink. I kept thinking I had fixed it, until I pulled out the trash can and noticed that the bottom was wet again. I had dumped baking soda and vinegar down the drain followed by … Continue reading Above My (and His) Pay Grade

Playing Possum: A Pettigrew Mystery

For the past several weeks I have been pondering one of Pettigrew’s distinctive behaviors. I have talked to colleagues and friends. I remain in the dark as to what is going on. Pettigrew likes to lie, one might say collapse, in very public places and remain there unmoving. Seemingly dead. Everyone in the family has … Continue reading Playing Possum: A Pettigrew Mystery

Lemons or Is It Lemonade?

Pettigrew’s stomach is upset again. I made a ton of chicken and white rice and opened a can of pumpkin on the theory that with so much food at the ready, certainly his stomach would right itself quickly and I would’ve made too much. Like carrying your umbrella to prevent it from raining. It hasn’t … Continue reading Lemons or Is It Lemonade?

Welcome! to Our Home

Stores aren't the only place to have greeters, a person who stands at the entrance and says “hi!” in a chipper voice if you put a toe over the threshold. Our home has a greeter too: Pettigrew appointed himself to this role. He’s the first to respond when the doorbell chimes. Once the door is … Continue reading Welcome! to Our Home

He’s Got Your Number…Mine Too

When my younger son was a toddler, his idea of nirvana was to camp out at a construction site. To make the time rewarding for me, I studied the workers, making guesses about who was in charge, who was a skilled member of the team, and who was a day laborer, hired to supplement the … Continue reading He’s Got Your Number…Mine Too