Rethinking Goldilocks: Was She Actually Easy to Please?

Goldilocks is the quintessential picky kid. Turning up her pert nose and shaking her bouncy golden curls at other people’s preferences. They weren’t good enough for her. Or so I’ve always thought.  Maybe inflexibility was more her challenge. In her world, there were right and wrong options. After all, it only took three tries for … Continue reading Rethinking Goldilocks: Was She Actually Easy to Please?

Embrace Your Inner Cat

Without thunder and lightening’s fanfare, the rain came with a suddenness and force that kept me glued to the window. Curled in an armchair, I stared at the fat drops splashing into already swollen puddles. The torrent that had formed in the street left no prisoners behind. Almost a vibration, the rush of water falling … Continue reading Embrace Your Inner Cat

Cool Dad: Fun Dad

My husband tends to be the more indulgent one, the person Pettigrew knows he can wrap around his paw, see How I Know George Lucas Had a Dog. But sometimes, like today, there really is no effort required. In his younger days, Pettigrew was always on high alert whenever there were signs that the … Continue reading Cool Dad: Fun Dad

In My Own Voice #36: The Fake Out

These hot muggy days really drag me down. No matter when we go out, the weather is dreary. The Woman is usually amenable to cutting our walks short if I’m just not up for it, but sometimes she resists. On those dreadful occasions, instead of following my lead when I turn, she forcibly drags my … Continue reading In My Own Voice #36: The Fake Out

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams

Pettigrew has a firm sense of bedtime. Bedtime is, perforce, different than nap time. Nap time is a variable entity. Nap time happens whenever, wherever. It’s fluid.  Nap time. The need for a nap could strike after breakfast, in the early afternoon, or the late afternoon. A delightful nap can be enjoyed under the dining … Continue reading Goodnight, Sweet Dreams

In My Own Voice #35: The Worst Night of My Life

It started, as these things often do, with something so deceptively wonderful that I was completely blindsided when everything went south. Typically, the Woman and I have a bit of a back and forth around when to eat dinner. Invariably, I have to remind her not once, not twice, but three or more times before … Continue reading In My Own Voice #35: The Worst Night of My Life

A Senior Moment

On a lovely evening sitting around the firepit with dear friends we found ourselves confronting some sobering truths about the future.  We met when we were one-child families and have stayed friends as each of our families have grown to include a second child and, inevitably, a dog. In my friends’ cases, make that two … Continue reading A Senior Moment

The Color of Thread

When our sons were toddlers, I would invite them to select the color of thread to use for patching holes in their pants.  I can picture the soft curls on their heads as they bent over the sewing basket in my lap, tiny hands rustling through the scissors, buttons, and pins before picking their chosen … Continue reading The Color of Thread

In My Own Voice #35: The Music’s Back!

Feeling frisky again! The weirdest thing happened after that infamous trip to the vet.  My world went silent. OK, just so you don’t worry, I don’t really mean my world. I didn’t suddenly become deaf or anything. But I no longer made any sound as I moved around. It was eerie. Never before had I … Continue reading In My Own Voice #35: The Music’s Back!

In My Own Voice #34: You Never Know What Lies on the Other Side of a Door

When you get in a car, it’s a tricky thing. There is, of course, the pleasure of watching the world go by while you remain snug and warm and without any exertion. But when that door opens, well, you just don’t know where you’ll be when you step outside. Sometimes you are about to embark … Continue reading In My Own Voice #34: You Never Know What Lies on the Other Side of a Door