The Battle Lines Are Drawn

Do we allow data to inform our decisions or not?

Pettigrew out on a walk.

I had thought we were a data-driven family. As a scientist, researcher, and doctor, my husband has a healthy respect for data and its importance in developing a successful course of treatment.

Or, so I thought.

Apparently, his ability to remain impartial falters when it comes to Pettigrew.  

My husband refuses to divulge what happens when he and Pettigrew are out on a walk.

Despite his otherwise masterful communication skills, Pettigrew oddly falls silent too.

When I query them, they look back blandly, showing no breaks in their Male Code of Silence.

Others of us report back faithfully on what transpires, on the ground, one might say.

But for Pettigrew and my husband, what happens on the walk stays on the walk.

Why is this important?

It comes down to Food.

Despite, or perhaps because of his time foraging on his own before he joined our family, Pettigrew’s stomach has always been sensitive. 

If observational data collected during the walk suggest or confirm that his stomach is upset, he gets a blander, possibly, all right definitely less desirable diet. 

And so, instead of manfully owning up to the truth and allowing Pettigrew to receive a diet appropriate to his condition, Pettigrew and my husband stay quiet.

I believe my husband is unduly influenced by a pair of molten chocolate eyes and a wagging tail.

He believes I try too hard to scope out Pettigrew’s GI health and we would all be happier if I adopted their que, sera, sera approach; whatever will be will be.  

As in all wars, each side claims that Right is On Their Side.

Of course, gentle reader, we all know who’s really right.

3 thoughts on “The Battle Lines Are Drawn

  1. Really?! Your husband is not willing to provide essential information like this?! Then this is where natural consequences come in to play. He can clean up the mess!


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