Dog vs. Cat: Transcending Heredity

You don’t need to agree with the late 20th century English-American intellectual Christopher Hitchens on everything, but he did have a point about the difference between dogs and cats. To paraphrase, 

If you provide dogs with food, water, shelter, and affection, they will think you are God; whereas, if you provide cats with food, water, and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God.

Pettigrew wonders, why choose? There is no need for this dichotomy!

He, for one, does not appreciate being put in a box. 

Cat behavior!

Dog behavior!

Bah! There is a time and place for a wide range of behaviors.

At times, he will DEIGN to recognize that his forever family is WONDERFUL. Lavishing us with his happily waving tail, deep sighs of contentment, and rubbing his head worshipfully against our legs. WE are the BEST.

But, when the circumstances are right, he transfers his adulation without compunction to anyone who is willing to stop what they are doing and pet him. Yes, Will, I’m looking at you!

He shamelessly acts like no one EVER loves him at home. Poor, ignored dog.

He also has in his arsenal a lethal look of disdain when we attempt to sit on HIS sofa. It’s enough to send the strongest of mortals switching to the less comfortable chair so that he doesn’t have to move.

Even the way he holds his body ping pongs between the two extremes. He is both the loose-limbed fellow who immodestly sprawls on his back. As well as, the elegantly arrayed elder statesman, whose tail tightly tucks around his body as the final touch to his raiment.

From my perspective, he’s an all-in-one package. Bit of dog, bit of cat, bit of philosopher. And, at the end, someone who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only the day that is wasted is the day I neglect to carve out time to sit next to him on the floor, petting his glossy coat until his eyes drift close. 

Good for him. 

Good for me.

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