Left Out in the Cold

Pettigrew and my husband have their own love language.  Peanut butter is their conversational lubricant of choice. The other day while I was enjoying a mug of green tea for my afternoon pick-me-up, my husband wandered into the kitchen for a snack. On his heels came Pettigrew. I invited Pettigrew over for some rubs, but his … Continue reading Left Out in the Cold

In My Own Voice #38: Et tu, Suzanne?

Stabbed in the back. You think you have friends. You think you have allies. You feel safe, confidant, relaxed, and then this…BETRAYAL, practically on your own doorstep. Pettigrew making his way towards the exit. The Woman and I go for many, many walks. We invite friends to join us. Keeps things fresh. It’s nice to … Continue reading In My Own Voice #38: Et tu, Suzanne?

When I’m feeling blue, Pettigrew Knows What to Do

When Pettigrew first joined our family he didn’t make a sound. For six weeks we never heard his bark. Now he barks and bays like a coonhound, but during those first, quiet weeks of our acquaintance, we learned a different way of communicating. Pettigrew was uncertain, nervous, and eager to establish himself in our good … Continue reading When I’m feeling blue, Pettigrew Knows What to Do