In My Own Voice #35: The Worst Night of My Life

It started, as these things often do, with something so deceptively wonderful that I was completely blindsided when everything went south.

Typically, the Woman and I have a bit of a back and forth around when to eat dinner. Invariably, I have to remind her not once, not twice, but three or more times before she realizes that if she doesn’t feed me Now, I will certainly die of starvation.

On that infamous night however, she, of her own accord, snapped open the can and scooped my delectable-smelling meal into the bowl. I politely waited at her left elbow, watching as each juicy morsel landed with a soft splat.

Then she and the older boy took off. OK, fine, nothing new there. They go out some times.

Then the man and the younger boy took off. Whoa, what’s this?! I am home…alone. All … alone.

This isn’t supposed to happen, especially not at night…when it’s dark outside.

Don’t they know it’s dangerous out there?! Why else would they have been wearing masks, crossing the street whenever we see anyone, washing their hands all the time, and squirting smelly sanitizer everywhere? 

I Liked it when we all stuck close to each other! Home. Together.

When it’s dark outside everyone knows they should be home. There should be food smells in the kitchen. And a nice rawhide for me when they sit down to eat.

But the house was quiet. Really quiet. And dark. Did I mention that? No light from the windows. No lights on inside. 

I waited and waited for them until, I realized, something Terrible must have happened. No way would they have gone off and abandoned me with only a bowl of water to keep me going. No way would they stay out this long. Clearly, they were never, ever returning. 

I tried the doors. I peered out the windows. Trapped. I was trapped in this silent, dark, creepy house. The only sounds were the clicking of my claws on the floors as I paced.

I lay down to accept my fate. It had been a good life. I loved my family. But now, it was time to say goodbye.

Just as I was about to expire, I heard a car pull up. Slowly, weakly, I stumbled to the door. 

Yes! It was the man and the younger boy. I greeted them. Rubbing their legs, sniffing their bodies. Where had they been? What had they done? Did they remember me, their faithful friend? The one they had deserted in the house?

The younger boy went for the leash and snapped it on my collar. I guess he needed to stretch his legs.

I was happy to oblige. Anything to be with my family again.

As we were heading out, another car pulled up and the woman and older boy got out. I rushed to greet them too, but was pulled up by the leash. The younger boy must be feeling some urgency.

I watched over my shoulder as I followed him out. They were heading into the house. Good.

When we got home, I made sure to sit on the Woman’s feet and let her know that she and I had some things we needed to clear up. 

I don’t bounce back from shocks like I did in my younger days. She stayed with me for a while and gave me a good rub down. The Man even brought her a book to read, while we visited.

Hopefully, they’ll never put me through anything like that again!

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