In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

Paw to Foot: I even have to hold them down if I want to get some scratching behind my ears!

Everyone seems to be wandering around in la la land these days.

Schedules out the window!



There’s no rhyme or reason to when things will happen anymore!

In truth, I am getting a bit concerned about my family.

Last week there was that whole bit where they didn’t think I could make it up the stairs. So, when The Female didn’t show up for a walk, I–yes the dog they seemed to have practically written off as not being able to climb stairs anymore–went upstairs and told her it was time for us to head out. (In My Own Voice #23:  Who Can Resist a Dare?)

I thought I had made my point… Last Week.

If this had been a normal time, I wouldn’t need to do anymore.

But this week they did it again!

Instead of no walk, this time it was No Dinner. I waited and waited.

The youngest male was around, one of my bros, so I told him I was hungry. I heard him passing along the message. Key words like “Pettigrew” and “food” were mentioned.

I settled down thinking dinner would be forthcoming.

Can you believe it!?  NOTHING happened! No food. No one came downstairs. Zip, Zero, Nadda.

I gave them a decent amount of time to get their act together, but my wait was in vain.

I had to Climb The Stairs again! Again, I tell you.

It did mean that I got dinner, but I am unhappy about the way things are trending.

I can’t be expected to keep them on schedule every week. They’re adults! They’re supposed to be able to manage things like this on their own!


Of course, I have managed to convince them that I get two rawhides after dinner instead of one. Given all they are making me put up with, I deserve some benefit from their new-found flakiness.

3 thoughts on “In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

  1. His dinner was forgotten?! Oh no! The poor thing! I can imagine how disconcerting it must be for everyone in the household. Hang in there!


  2. Well, it wasn’t actually forgotten. It just wasn’t being served in the timeframe that Pettigrew felt was appropriate. He’s not for fashionably late meals.


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