In My Own Voice #26: The Jig is Up

rock salt sidewalk
A walking we will go.

Wouldn’t you say you behave a bit differently depending on the situation and those present? Sometimes more relaxed, sometimes more formal?

Well, I take different people out for a walk at different times of the day. They each have their own expectations.

The oldest male has a route and he sticks to it no matter what. No deviations. OK, I get it; I accept his inflexibility and humor him. Me, I would find it boring to ALWAYS walk the same way. To each his own.

With the female (I don’t have to give a relative age because there’s only one female in our family) there’s more give and take. Come to an intersection and one of us indicates which way to go. If the other is fine with it, we go. If not, we do a bit of back and forth until we determine which one of us is really set on a certain route.

We cover a lot of ground and it is on these walks that I maintain the scope of my territory. I make sure to visit, and mark, all the terrain a few times a week. Past experience has taught me that it is important to maintain the scent trail.

Now the youngest male is a different thing all together. He was on board when they believed they could train me (pah) and, unlike the others, has never given up. So, at the conclusion of our walk, we run together to the back where I sit and wait while he removes the leash, opens the gate, and then, and only then, stand up to enter the yard.

He was a bit more domineering than I would choose, but, it’s only one walk a day and I let it go. You know, allowed him to believe he was in charge.

But, with the veritable CHAOS our house has been thrown into these past few months, the woman joined us on our walk the other night.

Now, I don’t have an issue with her coming, but it did pose an EXISTENTIAL problem. Do I reveal that I actually know the meaning of the word SIT and STAY? I had convinced her that there was no point in beleaguering this issue.

I tested the waters.

When we came to the gate I didn’t sit, thinking that the youngest male–my dude, my buddy, my compadre–would take my side. Our secret would be safe.

No such luck. He stopped and stared at me and then had the AUDACITY to say SIT in a firm voice. As if I didn’t know why he was waiting! Please!

Guess we couldn’t just keep it between us.

My best chance now is that, what with her recent lack of focus, the female will forget what she saw. Maybe she didn’t even notice, and nothing will change.

A fellow can hope, can’t he?

If you doubt me on the recent issue of focus, or lack thereof, check out In My Own Voice #24: Come on People, Focus!

6 thoughts on “In My Own Voice #26: The Jig is Up

  1. Pettigrew knows what to expect from each member of his family and I can completely count on Pettigrew for a good laugh every Monday morning.


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