In My Own Voice #36: The Fake Out

These hot muggy days really drag me down. No matter when we go out, the weather is dreary.

The Woman is usually amenable to cutting our walks short if I’m just not up for it, but sometimes she resists.

On those dreadful occasions, instead of following my lead when I turn, she forcibly drags my resisting paws along the Scorching Hot pavement in the direction She wants to go.

How to get around this problem you ask? 

Never fear my friends, there is an answer.

The fake out.

First, act like you’ve given in; you are willing to go your walker’s way.

Then, stop, as if sniffing the grass for a good place to do your business. 

Now pay attention, this next part is crucial: take a long, long time to sniff, as if you can’t find a decent spot. 

During this extended sniff session, oh-so-casually turn around and take a couple of steps back the way you’ve come. To the uninformed eye, it will look like you are trying to run to ground a particularly intriguing scent. In reality, change your direction so you are pointed toward home! And, after you do your business, home is where you’ll go.

While this usually works, there are times when your walker proves obstinate. 

Don’t worry, all is not lost. There is a way around this challenge too.

If you sense a greater than usual degree of stubbornness, take some time to sniff in one direction, then another. What you want is to have yourself and your walker go back and forth, back and forth over the same stretch for several repetitions, (I can’t give you an exact number, each situation is unique) until you are sure your walker has become Befuddled about which way you were going.

Then, just step out, paw first, with Confidence and head toward home. 

Trust me, it works like a charm.

2 thoughts on “In My Own Voice #36: The Fake Out

    1. So glad it made you laugh. Yes, he really does that. I am not creative enough to come up with Pettigrew stories. I just report back on his life.

      He certainly is brilliant, and diabolical! I will say that I don’t agree that I become befuddled by his shenanigans. Rather, I recognize that his persistence signals that he is really, really ready to go home. He and I have slightly different interpretations of what is happening.


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