Cool Dad: Fun Dad

My husband tends to be the more indulgent one, the person Pettigrew knows he can wrap around his paw, see How I Know George Lucas Had a Dog. But sometimes, like today, there really is no effort required.

In his younger days, Pettigrew was always on high alert whenever there were signs that the family was going on a hike. Pull out a water bottle or two and a knapsack and suddenly Pettigrew would be everywhere at once. Keeping you in his sights as he made sure to stay underfoot. He did not want to risk being forgotten and left behind. 

This morning, after eating breakfast and taking a stroll around the neighborhood, Pettigrew settled down on the carpet under the dining room table for a well-deserved nap.

My husband suggested a hike, to me. 

He got out the water bottles. He got out the knapsack.

He said, in a Carrying Voice, “Boy, it’s surprising that PETTIGREW hasn’t come into the kitchen to see what’s going on. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to join us on our HIKE.”

Given that Pettigrew had just come back from a walk and is looking a bit creaky these days, I thought it was probably all for the best.

I went to grab my hiking boots.

Guess what?! When I returned to the kitchen there was Pettigrew looking mildly interested and my husband claiming that there was no way we could leave him behind.

I kind of thought we could get away with it, but after a few more statements of HIKES and PETTIGREW, our dog was fully engaged and eager to come.

He came.

We walked. Quickly a first. 

And then slower, and slower, and slower, until it became clear he needed a break. 

When we got up from our break and were gathering our belongings, Pettigrew decided we were taking too long, so he lay down again.

We rested some more. He panted. A lot. 

He drank a lot of water, which he never does. 

But he also sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Greeted every dog and person that he saw, and, despite being clearly exhausted, he rallied and made it back to the car. 

I was entertaining an image of my husband wearing Pettigrew draped across his shoulders like an old-fashioned stole, but luckily, it didn’t come to that. 

Was it worth it to bring Pettigrew? Absolutely, every single moment.

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