In My Own Voice #22: Is This the New Normal?

IMG_2914So, what’s the deal? I ask you.

My family is STILL around.  All THE TIME. No one seems to go anywhere. The house is full. People playing music, talking, eating, watching TV, exercising. What happened to my nice, restful existence? Truly, this used to be a quiet place. Relaxing. A space where a fellow could settle down and have a good, long snooze.

Now I have to constantly move rooms. Sometimes under the dining room table I can find peace and quiet, sometimes the sofa, sometimes the window seat in the kitchen. I never know.

And, it’s getting harder and harder for these creaky old bones to be jumping up on sofas and window seats only to have to jump down what seems like moments later.

I used to get mopey when my family went away on vacation, but I got over that. A long time ago. I’m not That dog anymore.

And walks. There are so many dogs out for walks these days! Where have all these dogs come from?

I’ve been walking the streets for years and there are dogs I’ve never seen before. And, no, they are not puppies. These dogs have been around the block a few times. Where have they been hiding? Where did they all come from? So many new faces. I can’t keep them straight.

Just between the two of us, I’ve given up some of my guard duty.  I used to mount a defense against any and everyone who tried to enter the house, or even just set foot on the porch. Both our house and our neighbors’ (Just Because My Dog is Barking Doesn’t Mean I Know You Are At the Door and for Pettigrew’s take It’s My Turn #4: In Which Pettigrew Takes Umbrage at his Recent Treatment & Clarifies the Need for Barking).

But now there are deliveries ALL THE TIME! I’ve thrown in the towel. It’s too much. My family’s all home (see my first point above), if they don’t want these people invading our space, let them do something about it for a change. I can’t be expected to protect them against this level of attack. It’s not what I signed on for.

I do still rouse myself for the mail carrier. We are old enemies and I can’t give up now. I’m determined to vanquish at least this delivery person. But the rest of them, pfff. Let them come. What do I care?

Wishing you a restful night.

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