In My Own Voice #20: Older & Wiser

evil eye
Someone doesn’t want to be disturbed!

The Female has been going a bit nutso this past week. Every time I turn around she’s toting another load of grocery bags into the house. I’ve carefully examined all the purchases and am sorry to report that her selections leave something to be desired. Lots of cans. Nothing tasty.

She’s also spending an inordinate amount of time washing her hands and telling everyone who comes into the house to wash their hands. So far she’s kept away from my paws, thank goodness! I hate it when she dips my paws in water. She claims it’s to get the rock salt off. Hope there’s no rock salt associated with this virus thingy!

Given her preoccupation with shopping and hand washing, I realized she was unlikely to post a blog, so I’m stepping up. Plus, this gives me an excellent opportunity to address a problem. I hope she’s reading this.

Recently, I’ve overheard her telling others that I no longer have the fighting spirit I once had. She has even intimated that I am afraid and hurry past aggressive dogs rather than engage as I did in the past.

First, I want to be very clear that I Am Not Afraid.

When I glance back over my shoulder, it is merely to ascertain if we are being followed and if I will have to unleash a more aggressive stance.

I pick up our speed because it’s unpleasant to be around another dog who is acting out: barking, growling, straining at the leash or fence. Might as well move along is what I say.

I regret that The Female has cast aspersions on me and misunderstood my actions.

Just this week I joined her for a Headspace meditation with Andy Puddicombe and wouldn’t you know it, he was addressing this very issue! And I quote him, “real wisdom is found in avoiding the fight.”

Exactly! I couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

I know I can take these other dogs down with one paw tied behind my back, but I Have Nothing To Prove.

I am showing great wisdom and maturity by letting those dogs make a fool of themselves going bonkers barking and carrying on.

Wisdom matures over time and oh baby, am I one mature dude.


Stay safe and sane. Don’t forget to buy dog food. And, remember to throw in some treats! Life is better with treats.



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