In My Own Voice #7: It Was an Honest Mistake

Sometimes we mean to give Pettigrew a treat.

Let me paint the scene. The sky was dark. Delicious scents had been emanating from the kitchen. And then, at last, those magic words, “Dinner’s ready!”

My family gathered at the table and I joined them, relaxing on the cushions in the window seat. There was food and water set out for me too, but that was for later. Now, it was about their food, their dinner. Could there be some for me too?

I watched as they ate, listening for the splat of food falling to the floor. In a few minutes I planned to make a pass under the table, a look/see if you will to check and make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I might even explore a few laps. Sometimes tasty bits are resting on the edges of chairs. I’ve learned it’s important to be thorough.

eating off of cutting board
It’s no surprise why Pettigrew thinks food offered under his nose is meant for him!

But then, the one called Daddy got up. He’s usually good for a morsel or two. However, he doesn’t remember unless I’m right in front of him, so as a matter of policy, when he gets up, I get up. I sauntered over, gazed at him adoringly (he likes that) and watched as he filled his plate.

One scoop. Two scoops. You’re going to share some of that with me, right?

And then, yes oh yes, he bent down and held the plate under…my…nose. It was all for me!

But just when I started to eat, he straightened abruptly. Food spilled on the floor. I scrambled to clean it up. He grabbed for it too.

What was that about?

I licked up sauce. But all in all it was disappointing. I thought I was getting the whole plate.

Weird. He’s not one to play games.

But, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. There’s always tomorrow night.

[My husband dropped his fork and, forgetting that he had a full plate of food in one hand, bent to pick it up. Pettigrew naturally assumed the plate had been prepared for him. We couldn’t be unhappy with him. After all, it was an honest mistake.]

Check out this dog vs. person food eating competition. Guess who wins! The Race Is On


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