Mirror, Mirror Leaning Against the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

mirror 2
Pettigrew sneaks a peak at himself in the mirror.

Can dogs be vain? I think Pettigrew might be.

We’ve been moving furniture around the house with intended and unintended consequences. For example, I like that the exercise bike no longer graces our living room and that we’ve banished the 6’ folding table to the basement. I now work at a nice, wooden desk that had been crowding an upstairs room.

Less desirable is the strain all of this moving placed on my back. See A Look, a Lick, & a Promise That All Will Be Well for how Pettigrew helped me keep the pain in perspective.

And then there’s the mirror that used to be over the fireplace. We tried it in the bedrooms, the dining room, and even the front hall, but it hasn’t found a home. It’s leaning against the wall at right angles to my desk (formerly the 6’ folding table).

In a seemingly unrelated occurrence, Pettigrew has been especially affectionate lately. Coming up while I’m working and nudging until I pay some attention. This had been going on for a while: me one-handed typing and Pettigrew getting extra loving, until I noticed that Pettigrew’s attention was focused on his reflection in the glass.

He didn’t seem alarmed or concerned about this dog sitting in his living room. Apparently he was going for a twofer: extra loving and a chance to admire his physique.

Trying to capture the moment, one of my sons snapped a photo; however, Pettigrew instantly turned his head and refused to look again. Since the failed photo attempt, he’s not been coming over for extra pats. Perhaps he’s shy.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this, but one of my boys said it seemed to him that Pettigrew was embarrassed at being caught out as a vain dog.

Ultimately, we need to find a new home for the mirror; it can’t stay leaning against the wall forever. However, I like imagining Pettigrew mugging and posing for his own pleasure when we are not home.

Do you think the bunnies next door are spying on him through the window?

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