In My Own voice # 29: I Forgive You

Do you not know me at all?

After all these years?

Asleep. Do you not notice that I am Sound Asleep on the sofa?

Yes, yes, I heard you.  You’re not especially quiet.

Collecting bags. 

Jangling the leash.

Opening the drawer and rummaging for the key.

Go on, get distracted.  Go. Go. 

Run up the stairs for something you forgot.

Maybe someone will need something from you, like, right now.

But, inexonerably, you keep coming. 

Maybe if I keep my eyes closed.

Stop, just stop it. Don’t dangle the leash in front of my face.

I’m not opening my eyes.

Can’t you take a hint?

Ouf! I can’t believe you are actually lifting me off the sofa!

Get this through your thick head I Don’t Want To Go For a Walk. 

Ouch. You know, being plunked on the floor isn’t comfortable!

Neither, I might add, is being tugged by the collar to the back door.


Hey, wait up. There’s a really neat smell I need to check out. 

Can we stay out a bit longer? 

6 thoughts on “In My Own voice # 29: I Forgive You

    1. Pettigrew is a master communicator. He is not hampered at all by his inability to use the spoken word. He finds plenty of other ways to share with me what is on his mind. : – )


  1. As always, I get a good laugh on Monday mornings. This time at the point where the leash gets dangled in front of his face. Nobody enjoys having someone who is “in their face”. Glad he had a good time after he got out.



  2. Aw! I just read it out loud to Val, and it reads beautifully! So I wonder, did he actually need to go for a walk then, or did someone else, perhaps? The picture is perfect!


  3. Well, I think Pettigrew and I might have different opinions about whether he needed to go for a walk then. I do know that if I don’t walk him before, once I settle in for a work-related zoom call, he absolutely, desperately, urgently needs to go for a walk, like Now. And he’s not shy about head butting, barking, and doing any and everything he can to communicate this message.

    So, I take him out before my call, in self defense.


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