Unconditional Love

pettigrew and my hand
Together, just as we should be.

My family gets the kookiest ideas about love.

They have the audacity to question my love for them just because I bark and nudge when they neglect to open the backyard door so I can go outside for a spell; they are slow to take me for a walk; or they refuse to give me more food when I’m really, really famished.

OK, truth. Maybe not so hungry. But, I have that noshing feeling, you know. Just want a bit of a nibble. And they refuse!


They don’t know what love really is. Those things are just the everyday aggravations of living.

Love? Love goes deeper.

They should know I love them fully, unconditionally, when I stayed by my lady when she took a tumble. I waited, calmly, by her side, making no effort to go after the dog walking by, because I knew, I knew, she needed me there.

I walked home with her. No protest at the shortened walk. I could tell she wasn’t herself.

Does she think it was a coincidence that I sat on the sofa next to her? That, when she closed her eyes to meditate, I sighed a few times, rearranged the pillows a few times, just to let her know, “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere?”

Or, when I found one of my brothers, (I call them brothers even though there’s no blood connection) home from school early and collapsed on the sofa. My first thought was, “what are you doing on My Sofa?! This is my time to have the sofa. I was just coming in for a nice, afternoon nap!

But I saw his pale face. Smelled his breath. The half closed eyes. Not right. No, not right at all. So I curled up under the coffee table. I wanted to stay close, keep an eye on things, but, he could have the sofa. His need was greater than mine.

That, my friends is love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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