Can’t Nothing Hold Me Down

Pettigrew epitomizes the can do attitude.

As an elder statesman, well into his double digits, Pettigrew is slowing down. But for the things that matter most, he finds a way.

As a pup, Pettigrew was all grace as he leapt on top of walls, cleared logs that had fallen across the trail, and bounded onto the sofa for a well-deserved nap.

The past few months I’ve noticed he’s been avoiding some of these opportunities. Sedately walking past walls that he used to mount and otherwise choosing an easier route.

US Skater Alexander Johnson,

But this week, he found a way to have it all. Like a figure skater preparing for a difficult jump, Pettigrew picks up speed on the approach, and, with this added momentum, is able to clear his obstacles.

The first few times, he took me by surprise. Unaware that we were breaking into a run in order to marshal power, I almost dragged him down as he soared.

But we’re back in step. When he starts to run, I follow and let the leash out so he has maximum maneuverability. It works for us.

atul-beingmortal-cover3d1-319x479It makes me think of Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal. And I’m paraphrasing here since I read it a while ago, but the things that make life worthwhile are different for all of us. Where we draw the line is an individual decision. Apparently, the ability to jump ranks high for Pettigrew and he’s willing to invest in developing workarounds to hold onto the joy for as long as he can.

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