It’s My Turn: Part 2

eating off of cutting boardHi there! Yep, it’s me again. Taking over the blog. Ruth has had a tough week so I’m giving her a night off.

First she was out late twice. I think it was for some school thing. She wasn’t home at dinner. I couldn’t eat. The rest of my family chowed down like nothing was out of the ordinary, but I knew something was off. I checked the windows. The doors. I checked all the rooms. She wasn’t at home and I could find no sign that she was expected soon. I even climbed up on the window seat. Her car wasn’t out back either. Gone. Just gone.

She belongs at home. With us guys. I don’t know what she was thinking. We even cleaned up, put away the leftovers. The works. Finally, I had to abandon my post for a few minutes and take care of business. I signaled to my family that it was time for our nightly constitutional. I was hoping she’d be home when we got back. No such luck. I couldn’t even enjoy my post-walk rawhide nightcap. Every fiber in my being was calling out to snuggle down on the sofa and sleep, but I stayed on alert. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t guarded the door and been there to greet her when she finally came in.

At least she seemed to understand the stress she had put me through. She kept me company while I ate dinner and then we cuddled together for a bit. All’s well that ends well.

Luckily what happened Tuesday was during daytime hours. I didn’t even know something was up until she came home. I think she had jury duty or something. Seemed draining. I encouraged her to rub my belly. It usually helps her unwind.

So, given that she’s still playing catch-up, it’s just me and my claws flying over the keys.

When it was all guys on cleanup duty two nights this week, it occurred to me that many of you readers may be unaware of a hidden resource in your home. The pre-cleaner…me and my furry friends who live in your house.

Prior to putting dishes in the dishwasher, my Pop Pop, who is usually so in tune with my needs, practically insists on rinsing them even though it is absolutely not necessary. It just about kills me to see him do it. All that waste! Goodies going down the drain. Water and time needlessly expended!

Pre-cleaning is my job. Just load up the dishwasher, leave it open for a spell, and I will work all that food off. I’m even happy to help with pots, pans, and platters that don’t fit.

I like the feeling of protecting the earth’s resources and giving back to my family.

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