In My Own Voice #18: Unintended Consequences

old carpet
Pettigrew, duck, and delightfully scrunched old carpet.

At long last, they got rid of the rug.

I didn’t want to rain on their fashion sense, but really, the thing was an embarrassment.

Holes. Loose threads.

The stuff would tangle in my claws and I wouldn’t be able to shake it off.

Day after day I would track the movements of the mail carrier. Watching the incursions onto our neighbors’ porches hoping this would be the day when our home would be spared.

But no, as surely as the sun rises in the sky, that blue-suited carrier with the bulging bag would turn-up on our front steps. Step, by inexorable step, approaching our home.

Rushing to the door, the window, the door again, I would mount a furious protest.–Off my property.–You are not welcome here.–Go away.–Now!

And, once again, I would’ve beaten back the intruder, until another day.

Our home temporarily secured, I would wearily climb back on the sofa and there, in my claws, would be turquoise blue threads. Pieces of the dining room rug.

The rug and I had a love-hate relationship. I liked the ease with which it moved. I could scuffle the corners and make a nice, soft mound on which to lie. But I didn’t like the way it shredded.

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have fibers, thick strands, caught in your claws?

Anyway, they finally did something. We have a new rug now. Stripey. With white tuffty things.

A first I wasn’t sure. The rug didn’t move easily. I couldn’t scrap it together to make a nest.

new carpet
Soft, cushy protective runners on new carpet. In front of radiator–a plus!



Something even better happened.

They placed extra soft, cushiony pieces right in front of the window. I can be close to my guardpost. Keep an eye on things. Get bathed in the heat that pours out below, and rest on a premade bed.


6 thoughts on “In My Own Voice #18: Unintended Consequences

  1. No, absolutely not. I do not like strangers coming to my home, plastic bags blowing down the street, or motorcycles. Maybe if the mail carrier brought salmon I would reconsider, but that is the only thing that would make me change my mind. Do you know my mail carrier? Perhaps you could make a suggestion.


  2. Yes, he was getting concerned about my lack of new blogs and decided he need to take matters into his own paws! The new rug and the runners we put down to protect it from flying claws has made a *big* difference in his life!


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