In My Own Voice #13: Just Kill Me Now

Can you explain what’s going on? Seriously, I don’t understand.

The paw washing persists!

Yes, you read that right. The white, wet stuff is gone from the ground, but the paw washing continues.

Is this the new normal? I say, empathically, No.

I had been somewhat reconciled when I thought washing was a necessary evil that went along with the joy having the world turn white.

However, even then, I didn’t like it.

After every walk they would stage a sneak attack. Lulling me with the idea that The Bowl was filled with a treat, I would raise my head only to feel their fingers clamping around my legs and dunking my paws unceremoniously into water. I never even knew whether it would be warm, tepid, or cold. A shock every time.

I tell you, knowing the Trauma that awaits me when I get back home is sapping the joy out of my walks.

Sometimes I manage to move quickly and get on the sofa before they come after me with The Bowl of Water.

king of the sofa
Pettigrew claims the sofa.

Then they only do a paw wipe with a damp towel. Not ideal. Still a violation. But I tolerate it, given that the alternative is so much Worse.

What will it take for this to end?

How can I convince them it’s not welcome?

Please, dear readers, I need your help. Perhaps they will listen to you.

*Although, as Pettigrew noted, the snow is gone, over zealous neighbors and road maintenance crews put down so much salt that it lingers! We would love to stop washing his paws, believe me, it gives us no pleasure, but until the rock salt is gone, we are all stuck.

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