March Blew In Like a Lion

Wind warning

March arrived with strong winds that knocked down trees, took out power lines, and closed schools, roads, and workplaces.

My two walking buddies begged off.

The police department posted a warning to stay in.

As those of you who have been following this blog know, I have to get out. Every day.

But, I’m an adult. Responsible. Not someone who takes foolish risks. I needed a good excuse.

Pettigrew came through.

It was morning. Of course, he needed his walk.

We ran the first few blocks; wind pushing us. Pettigrew embraced the gusts. Running. Cavorting. Dragging me back to the corner to show that he wasn’t ready to turn toward home. As my son noted, “He’s a dog with spirit.”

We made wide detours to skirt downed wires. Dragged fallen branches off the sidewalks. Relished the clean-swept skies and, happily, saw no serious damage on the routes we travelled.

Later talking to one of my walking buddies I agreed, yes, it was windy. Yes, it was cold. I totally understand why you’d rather stay in, but, for Pettigrew and me, it was exhilarating. Necessary.

Yet another way we are two peas in a pod.

When I was a preteen my parents sent me out on the water with a sailing instructor. Somehow we hadn’t heard the forecast and neglected to notice the darkening sky until we were far from land. I loved every minute of that race toward the shore as the rain began to pound.

When we docked, the instructor shared the highest praise: “she’s got grit,” he told my parents.

So, on a day when Dorothy and Toto could easily have been blown to the Land of Oz, Pettigrew and I were out riding the wind.

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