Message Sent…Message Received

sleepingDue to weather delays, we arrived home from our vacation late Friday night/early Saturday morning feeling punchy and discombobulated. Driving from the airport our thoughts turned to the dog waiting at home.

Would Pettigrew openly ignore us?

Roll his eyes back to watch as we stumbled through the door?

Lazily uncurl his body and deign to meet us?

In fact, he greeted us at the door and rushed over for a sniff and a pat, even plunking down on the rain wet steps to get a full rub down.

Our aunt was with us. She was suitably impressed. As were we.

The next day when I went to take Pettigrew for a walk I called him…and he came! He even sat without my asking so that I could fasten the leash. Who had taken my dog and replaced him with this obedient creature? But of course, like proud parents, we were secretly pleased our pooch was making us look good in front of our guest.

Two days after arriving home, still feeling tired and struggling to get my mind wrapped around my responsibilities, I announced to all and sundry that I would meditate. Please do not disturb me.

But still, my mind whirled.

Ready to embark on the thousand and one essential tasks I had remembered during my so-called meditation I saw Pettigrew. Alert and gazing fixedly up at me. We made eye contact and I knew my thousand and one tasks had just become a thousand and two. He needed a walk.

His message successfully sent, he turned and preceded me into the kitchen for his leash. This is the dog I know I thought. The dog who rules the roost.

And yet, as we strolled our neighborhood streets and I admired the flowers and watched the bees I felt myself relaxing.

Who was this walk for anyway?

Did he, could he know that I was tightly wound? Was he doing what he could to help or did he just need to use the facilities? I pondered as I watched him sniff a tree.

We make a good team.

3 thoughts on “Message Sent…Message Received

  1. Ruth, hope you get this, sent a comment to the last, never sure it reaches you. This is lovely, really lovely. What a surprise in the ending. What a beautiful perception. Helena


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