In My Own Voice # 27: Expanding My Horizons

Resilience. Adaptability. Flexibility.

These used to just be words to me. Now, I’m living their reality.

With the family’s invasion of my floor, I’ve had to get creative about where to sleep.

lying on back
Sometimes a little bit of privacy is desirable.

The sofa, one of my favs, is often occupied. Sometimes I’m OK with sharing, but sleeping is an intimate activity. There’s not much privacy when one of your family members is sitting two cushions away.

I’m also partial to the padded window seat in the kitchen. But again, meals seem to be happening at all hours and I’m no longer guaranteed the quiet this dog needs.

So, I’ve explored.

Expanded my criteria.

A perfectly scrunched kitchen rug makes an acceptable bed.

The kitchen rug—I recommend scrunching it up for added cushioning–makes a comfortable bed.

The new rug in the dining room is fairly soft, especially now that they’ve put a pad under it. A plus: I can curl up under the table for added seclusion.

dining room
The dining room is OK, especially if I can share it with my sloth.

When all else fails, I sleep in front of the doors.

Advantages: if someone tries to come in, I don’t have to get up to warn them away. I can also monitor activity—who’s entering and leaving; who’s going upstairs or down.

Downsides: there is a breeze that creeps in under the door. Brrrrr.

Forced by circumstances to change, I’ve become a dog who can catch some shut eye just about anywhere.

Maybe some good things have come of this after all. This old dog can still learn new tricks.

5 thoughts on “In My Own Voice # 27: Expanding My Horizons

  1. Our cats don’t mind if you lie down next to them while they’re sleeping, as long as you don’t touch them. If you disturb a single hair, they’re gone, and no amount of begging or apologizing will get them to stay.

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    1. If your cats are anything like the cat with whom I grew up, I would think begging and pleading wouldn’t get you too far. Ours had a strong sense of her self-worth and would’ve been disdainful of us if we were too abject!

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  2. I’m so impressed with his resiliency. He is so gracious and accommodating.What a good dog! It took Val a while to figure out how to adapt to having A and me around.

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