Instant Pot

instant potMy husband’s always been fascinated by kitchen gadgets. Usually, they leave me cold, and after sitting on our kitchen counter taking up valuable real estate, ultimately find their way to a shelf in the basement. But when he first bought our Instant Pot, I experimented freely. As one who does not know the night before what will be for dinner the next day, I enjoyed the ease of turning dried beans into meals without the need for an overnight soak. I scoured the internet, experimenting with recipes. Needless-to-say, some were more successful than others.

Just as my zeal was waning, Pettigrew’s diet switched from dog food to chicken and rice, and lo and behold, the Instant Pot proved its worth again. It’s a champ at poaching chicken and cooking rice.

on pillows


At this point, I am convinced Pettigrew believes the Instant Pot, like so many other things in our house, was purchased specifically to meet his needs, e.g., the living room sofa, the backyard grill, throw pillows, and anything my husband is cooking.

waitingHe recognizes the beep that signals the Instant Pot started and saunters into the kitchen, sitting alertly and waiting for the distinctive multiple beeps that indicate cooking has ended. And, if Pettigrew judged correctly, his meal is ready.

This doesn’t play out well when we are cooking dinner for ourselves, or food in advance for him.

I guess we should’ve anticipated this. When we met him at the shelter we determined he was food motivated. At the time we thought this would help us train him. But, that was before we really knew Pettigrew.

7 thoughts on “Instant Pot

  1. I love how from Pettigrew’s perspective, so many things are there to meet his needs. I’m glad, though, that the Instant Pot has been so helpful for him! That is great! (And you, too.) I am envious of your ability to get a dinner on the table when you don’t know ahead of time what it will be. That is not something I am capable of!

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  2. Yes, I think Pettigrew assumes most things are there to serve his needs! As for last minute dinners, it works, but like they say with sausage making, it may be all for the best that my family doesn’t akways know the propcess. It isn’t always pretty!


  3. Dear Ruth, I have been unwell lately and missed this weeks work because of need to go to hospital for 3 days. I will see how things are this coming week. Stan


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