In My Own Voice #11: The Land of the Sideways Trees

tree 1
It’s hard to mark a tree growing parallel to the ground!

Have you noticed? Something is definitely wrong out there.

I have several walking routes. I make the circuit of all of them every week to ensure my territory stays clearly marked.

I know the location of every tree, bush, shrub, fire hydrant, telephone pole, and street sign. It’s my business to know these things. And, I’m good at it.

Yet suddenly, trees are popping up where no trees grew before. Plus, these are weird trees. They lie on their sides!

It’s not natural.

broken tree
This tree is suspended in mid air!

How am I supposed to snug up close to the trunk and leave my mark when the trunk is lying parallel to the ground with pokey branches coming out to scratch my mid-section?

It’s darned uncomfortable.

The world is off kilter.

Until things return to normal, I have one word of advice for my canine friends, and I paraphrase from that famous movie The Graduate: Fluids. We’re going to need to drink more to be ready to address the issue posed by sideways-growing, unmarked trees invading our turf.


4 thoughts on “In My Own Voice #11: The Land of the Sideways Trees

  1. Pettigrew is such a responsible dog — recognizing a problem and coming up with a creative solution. Once again I laughed out loud for almost a full minute and I’m still smiling.


  2. Oh, sweet, funny. I have a cat that marks, though he is altered. An indoor cat. Cat instincts are different, not that I really do know. This seems like swagger and joy. His brother, thankfully, doesn’t have this inclination. I do a lot of scrubbing.

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  3. You are a caring cat parent to accept his need to mark indoors! Each of these guys is an individual. Thanks for commenting! Good to hear from you. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!


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