In My Own Voice #8: Enjoying a Stay-cation while the Family is Away

My family is gallivanting around Europe leaving me in charge so I invited my pal Liz for an extended sleepover. I like my down time and it’s always refreshing to get a break from the family’s foibles; however there’s only so much a dog can do for himself. It’s good to have someone to help with food prep and opening the door. Plus, I like the company and cuddles.

Liz fits the bill on all fronts. She also brings with her a never-ending supply of little ones. I admit it; I play up to the cutie-pies. They start out shy so I hold off, give them a chance to relax. By the end I’m nibbling treats from their hands, kissing their faces, and receiving tummy rubs. It doesn’t take much to win them over.

While that’s a lovely benefit of Liz’s visits, I’m not so keen on the nasty weather that seems to accompany her. No, I have not forgotten the brutal cold we endured last December when my family were in Austin, Texas. Liz and I couldn’t stomach long walks, and, given that my tummy was upset, it wasn’t always a pretty thing.

This time when she opens the door we are blasted with the furnaces of Hades. Really, it’s only dire necessity that gets me outside. Walking on the sidewalks is like negotiating a bed of hot coals. I’m not interested in becoming one of those holy men who skips lightly across fire.

But I do appreciate that Liz has been home during the thunderstorms. I can’t handle that ominous feeling that precedes them, the slow tension-building suspense of never knowing when it will hit, and then the loud bangs and booms. [For more on how Pettigrew handles thunderstorms when left to his own devices see Stormy Weather’s Coming.]

My family, bless their hearts, misses me and is getting a bit nutty over all the dogs they are meeting overseas. They have also become oddly fixated with the variety of dog conveyances they have spotted. For little dogs, I hear, there are baskets attached to bike handlebars with a curving wire top so no one gets jostled out. And, on the boardwalk, they found dog buggies with plastic windows for an unimpeded view and protection from the stiff breezes. I wonder if I can convince them to get one of those for me? I fancy the idea of riding in style, especially during this hot weather.

airport dog

I’m embarrassed to share that my family even considered approaching the working dogs in the airport and only stopped petting them when they saw their vests clearly stating the dogs were on duty. I don’t know how I would feel about having to sniff everyone’s shoes without every going in for a pat. I respect those dogs’ work ethic, but I have my responsibilities here.

So, just wanted to say hi. Let you know I’m busy holding down the fort. Keeping up the blog since Ruth does not seem to have left anything to post. And, of course, trying to stay cool.

9 thoughts on “In My Own Voice #8: Enjoying a Stay-cation while the Family is Away

  1. Glad to hear you have things under control, Pettigrew. We were away last week and our three granddogs did fine until their folks got home, when they let them know that it was an imposition to be left behind. I guess a little guilt doesn’t hurt, even if your Colleagues’ complaining was a bit contrived. I’m sure you’re working on your own plans for their return. Well, if you hear from them, tell them I said Hi and am wishing them a comtinued great trip.


    1. Hi, glad to hear you had a nice time with your grandkids. Of course they gave their parents a hard time. That’s because they didn’t want their parents to worry that they weren’t important. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do to make my family feel missed and needed. Once I peed on their bed. Other times I’ve stopped eating. But it’s all in the name of love. Hope they remember a gift. They brought salmon treats back from Seattle. That was the best.


  2. Truly, Pettigrew is an amazing dog. As Ruth has clearly described, he is very tuned in to his family. But covering the blog while they are away? What can’t this dog do?!

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